Monday, April 13, 2009

Korean Waffles--total munchie food

Over the past weekend I made Suwon style Korean Waffles. These were as good, if not, better than the waffles you get at the food court next to the Coffee Bean in HomePlus. Not that those are bad. Suwon sells these waffles in every large department store, with some exceptions. I know this because I've spent days riding my bicycle, drinking coffee and eating 500 waffles in six months.

Korean waffles are: large, round and hot, spread with some whipped cream on one side, while the other, clover honey is drizzled down from some middle aged ajuma (older lady) wearing a chef's white uniform. After the condiments are added, the waffle is served, folded in half. All for a buck ($1). Cheap and good. This is total munchie food. Can you imagine? Yum!

On Saturday I bought some fresh heavy cream, whipped it up, added some sugar, vanilla and a teaspoon of dark rum, bought some Trader Joe's wheat-free waffles, and for Palmer style variation, added some maple syrup. Instead of serving the waffles folded, I cut them into quarters. You can use honey or maple syrup; it's up to you. Delicious.

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kelly said...

sounds delish!!!!!